Pantarsal arthrodesis includes the fusion of the tarsal joint (hock joint) with the use of a plate, screws and bone tissue that is harvested from another location. It is performed in cases of severe injuries, end stage arthritis and standing deformities of the hock joint.
Patella luxation (floating or dislocated kneecap) is a common condition that the kneecap is dislocating and slips out of its normal position. There are 4 grades described according to the time the kneecap spends in the abnormal position. Patients are presented with a history of intermittent limping in the back leg with a characteristic sudden carrying of the limb up for a few steps ("skip") and then using it again.
The cruciate ligament is one of the most important stabilizing structures of the knee joint. Rupture of this ligament results in rear limb dysfunction, pain and eventually arthritis. Treatment is surgical. There is a variety of surgical treatments that we offer and they are based on patient's breed, size, age and family budget.TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) is currently considered the best procedure for the treatment of cruciate ligament tears. The objective of the TTA is to change the mechanics of the joint and therefore provide stability without compromising joint congruency.

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